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“How do I become a source of inspiration in my personal and professional life”

“How do I fully connect with myself and live with a greater sense of freedom, happiness and fulfilment?”

“How do I access my full creative potential?”

Introducing a unique combination of two highly empowering tools for self-awareness and personal development.

The Enneagram System of Personality and Voice Dialogue – The Psychology of Selves 

Enneagram of Personality

By contacting Means to Thrive, you can meet with Chris Siegert and begin to benefit from his vast experience helping people to reach new perspectives and a greater level of self-awareness and personal development.

Chris is an Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practioner (iEQ9) and a Certified Voice Dialogue Facilitator. He can help you to uncover the source of your inspiration and give you the introspective tools that can aid in your personal growth and understanding. He is focused on equipping you with a discipline that allows you to understand the inner mechanisms that constitute your everyday decisions and actions and the way that you can consciously direct them. 

You Can:

  • Access key strategies to enhance your growth and awareness.
  • Develop a discipline that can expand your career and personal skillset.
  • Awaken your potential and discover your means to thrive.


Working with the Enneagram and Voice Dialogue using Chris’ approach has been life changing

Chelsea T – Dec 2020

I have been a student of the Enneagram for many years. I have found it an amazing map of the psyche which keeps revealing new and deeper ways for me to grow.

However the workshops I have done with Chris Siegert lifted the Enneagram from an intellectual exercise to a living experience. His unique contribution to the understanding of the Enneagram is through the use of Voice Dialogue processes to access those parts of ourselves which write the rules, and those parts that lie in the shadow.

Chris’ wise, gentle facilitation allows participants to meet these often unknown parts and get to know how they show up in the body. Shifting the Enneagram into the body experientially has allowed significant shifts for me.

I warmly recommend his workshops for anyone interested in learning profound new ways to overcome habitual patterns that no longer serve them.

Andree – Feb 2021

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