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Frequently Asked Questions

Is giving me a personality type putting me in a box?

Identifying your personality type is by no means about putting you in a box. As you explore your personality type, you will develop greater awareness of your true nature and you will experience a greater sense of freedom.

Can I complete sessions using other personality systems?

Yes it is possible to complete sessions referring to other personality systems.

What is Voice Dialogue?

Voice Dialogue is an experience-based technique designed to explore the different sub-personalities or “parts” of self. The facilitator will help you to increase your awareness of the different sub-personalities that influence your choices and you will develop the ability to use them in a more conscious way.

What are the sub-personalities?

Sub-personalities are “parts” of our self, which have their own view of reality. They have their own beliefs and rules, and are developed to meet our specific needs in relation to survival, self-identity and connection. The more dominant sub-personalities operate collectively to form the core of our personality, and shape how we interact with the world.

How much time do I need to allow for private sessions?

Sessions generally run from an hour to an hour and a half.

How often will I need to meet with you?

You will decide how often you need to meet. The frequency of meetings largely depends on what comes up after each session for further exploration.

How are sessions conducted?

Sessions are conducted via Zoom or Skype or in person in Melbourne.

How much are private sessions?

Cost of private sessions are $100 per hour

How much are workshops?

If you’d like me to conduct a workshop for you, please contact me for pricing.

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