What’s the approach that Chris uses for self-development?

The Enneagram – a rich map to self-understanding and personal growth

Voice Dialogue – an experiential process for self awareness

Enneagram of Personality


The Enneagram

The Enneagram describes human behavioural functions using the following references:

  • 3 centres of intelligence – the head, heart and body (thinking, feeling and instincts)
  • 9 primary interconnecting personality types which shape different perspectives of reality
  • 3 variations of each personality type based on whether a person has a predominant drive toward self-preservation, social interaction, or one-to-one bonding

Chris applies his in-depth knowledge of the proven Enneagram personality system, and with his guidance, you can explore the key question: “Who am I, and what drives my choices and actions?”

 You have the opportunity to discover your personality type by completing a comprehensive  Enneagram Questionnaire, or if you already know your personality type, you can explore the experience of your personality type in more depth.

 Chris will work through your report to discuss and identify areas that you wish to explore further.

Voice Dialogue 

Voice Dialogue is an experiential technique, which explores the multitude of sub-personalities, operating within us and shaping our thoughts, actions, feelings and relationships with others

Chris applies the Voice Dialogue Technique to illuminate the function of the sub-personalities typical of each personality type (such as the Inner Critic) to understand their motivations and how they influence our choices. This technique can be used with any personality system.

You will find this approach:

  • Builds self-awareness and confidence
  • Uncovers subconscious blind spots that sabotage success and happiness
  • Enables empowering choices
  • Increases compassion for yourself and others
  • Inspires a creative process
  • Enables you to live and work more authentically


Whether it is professional, personal or social development, Means to Thrive has the primary goal of helping you increase your self-awareness so you can more freely access your full potential.

“Freedom stretches only as far as the limits of our consciousness” C.G Jung



Chris has a background of over 10 years studying the personality system known as the Enneagram, and facilitating the Voice Dialogue Technique. He has worked with a vast range of individuals, supporting them in understanding their emotional, social, psychological and developmental processes. Chris utilises a methodology that inspires people to align with their authentic self.


In supporting others in their process of self-discovery, Chris has adopted proven and reliable tools that foster a discipline for self-empowerment.


Through an experiential process, Chris supports the individual to connect more deeply with their creative potential and engage in a higher degree of awareness surrounding their own experience of personal, professional and social interactions. His process prompts an individual to expand their personal perspective and transcend self-imposed limitations. 



Chris has over 10 years of experience facilitating group engagement of the Enneagram as a tool for self-understanding. 

He incorporates various self-exploration techniques including the Voice Dialogue Technique to open up awareness around the typical behavioural functions of personality types.

His workshops attract a broad range of participants from all walks of life. People who are looking for a developmental discipline that supports their personal growth come along to share their experiences in a supportive and trusting space.

For the last seven years, Chris has worked with the Enneagram Academy, facilitating exploration of personality types in their workshops. 


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